Taxi Fabric

Parvati Pillai X Taxi Fabric

Speaking of her design Parvati says, “Mumbai is the city of dreams, and what better way to interpret it than by depicting a fantasy dream machine. It is the reason why we love Bollywood, long conversations in the rain and people that are determined to build beautiful lives for themselves. I hope that everyone who steps into this taxi feels the same emotions.”

Taxi Fitting.

Parvati started her career as an animator but later realized that her love for illustration was far greater. She feels the biggest challenge she faces as a designer is to not get complacent.

“Complacency stems from the fact that I end up pursuing a certain form of illustration which best suits the project and forget to experiment which is fundamental to my design journey“, she elaborates.

Parvati feels that design in India is still in its nascent stages. However, she adds that design is fast being recognised as a profession and not perceived as a mere hobby.


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