Improve your code quality by using SonarLint in IntelliJ IDEA

SonarLint is a plugin that can install to IntelliJ IDEA or eclipse IDEs. Which is provide feedback to developer about the code. Something like code reviewer. It identify the new bugs and the quality issues in your Java code. Java 8 is required to run SonarLint plugin.

How to Install SonarLint plugin to IntelliJ IDEA

First download SonarLint plugin from the website.

Link —

Open IntelliJ IDEA and go to settings -> plugins

Then Click “Install plugin from disk”.

Select your downloaded zip file and proceed. Need to restart the IDE.

How to work with SonarLint

Go to class file and right click the on that file.

Then goto Analyze -> SonarLint -> Analyze File with SonarLint

Then you can see the feedback on the bottom on the IDE with the description (Bugs you have done in the code).