#2 User Experience

We have finally moved from planning to execution. Upcoming weeks look exciting! Some of the below mentioned work got done the week before last one. I’m just going to group all of it together.

Our loading screen, sign up and login screen mock ups are ready. Unfortunately we had to discard all of them- here’s why.

Loading Screen

Slurp is a location dependent app (Think Grofers, Ola, Uber etc.). In order to show relevant information to the user in the home screen, we need to first triangulate the user location and then pull relevant user information from our servers. 
All this takes time- which translates to longer initial load times. 
Thus the load screen animation needs to be shorter and repeatable. We can then repeat the animation till the home screen is ready to view.

Login Screen

We have decided to ditch the entire login/sign up process in favor of phone number plus OTP login method. 
This page was made not required anymore.

Sign Up Screen

Had to get rid of this screen because we changed the login process. Otherwise I thought this screen looked good.

After working on these mockups we have taken a call to change our design. First order of business is to change the images being used background to a simpler plain white background. We’ll rely more on illustrations going forward.

There are four things in agenda for next week:
 1. Map out user journey and create a wireframe like this one here. 
2. We want to plan a series of meetings with individuals who can help us shape Slurp better. 
 3. We need to create a pre-launch plan for the app. Work on the video series to drive some buzz for the app.
 4. Lock down the reward mechanism for in app actions. We know someone who might be of help here- really hope he can deliver! 
 Till next week. 

This is third from a series of blog entries that I am writing as I go about building Slurp. These will be weekly updates that will answer only one question- “How was last week for Slurp?”. View my first entry here

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