“What’s It Worth To You?” Charging For Emotional Labor Is An Inherently Feminist Act
HARLOT Magazine

How much “emotional labor” does it take to pour my coffee? Wait on my table? Man or woman, just be cordial. And no, you don’t need to put on that plastic fake “happy to be here” smile, I myself don’t like fake anyways. Get my order right, as best you can. At my job, I’m expected to “get it right” too and be professional even with the most irate customer. They put bread on my table, so that gives them certain privileges for lack of a better word. If you’re planning on being a therapist or school teacher or law enforcement officer, male or female, decide before you embark on such a career if the pay is worth the amount of emotional effort (and/or trauma) you will be asked to take on. The women in my kid’s daycare invest a lot in their careers and are not paid enough in my opinion, but still, their decision to work there is a choice. Same with school teachers, and for the record, both my kids teachers right now (grade 1 and grade 5) are male. They seem very invested in the well-being of their students and I don’t not feel my kids are being deprived of “emotional content” or caring because of the gender of their teachers. Just keeping it real here. If your handsome rugged boyfriend is not giving you the “emotional content” you want in a partner, get a different one. I’m not paying cash because your need for feelz is not being met. Put on you big girl pants and demand proper compensation at your job, and equity and fairness in your relationship. With feminism it always seems there is cash going from a man to a woman like in the picture. The word “unpaid” implies you want to be paid. Well, think about what HE is bringing to the relationship and make a decision, because as a single man I am not “paying” for what’s lacking in your career and your relationship.

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