Be the ‘Da Bomb’ of the year.

For decades we have found comfort, even hope, in superheroes. Whether it is the ‘Dark Knight trilogy’ or the smart-talking anti-hero, ‘Deadpool’, we love them all. However since the dawn of comics, superheroes have had fabulous outfits- flowing dangerous capes, trendy logo’s, dramatic accessories- yet they’ve never been recognized for their true potential until very recently. Bewakoof’s Bomber Jacket’s will change all of that. The printed Bomber Jacket’s are the ‘perfect storm’ of your interests in superheroes and fashion.

The re-visitation of the 90’s style jackets, the ‘Bomber Jackets’ are back in different variations, from printed superhero logo’s to monochrome classics to even dual color-combinations, the Bewakoof list is endless. Bomber Jacket’s can work with just about anything from a slip dress, casual jeans, long skater skirts, sharp formal wear, just unabashedly versatile. It can be a classy yet an edgy blazer, a masculine jacket, a sporty outwear or even a modest cardigan for that matter, bearing to be an urban shield from chilly winter days and sometimes a companion for flirty summer days. They luxuriously and fashionably hang off on the sexy backs of icons such as Kanye West, Rihanna and the legend, Eminem. The Bomber Jacket is a dream piece.

As Bewakoof takes direct inspiration from the magnanimous heroic personalities, it creates a very subtle, yet classy representation of the characters on the jackets. The main aim is to give justice to the fandom and create a personal connection of the fan to its idol, such as Batman, Captain America ect.

A silent guardian? A watchful protector? Maybe, maybe not, but you can definitely be the Dark Knight, the one which the jacket deserves. Be the vengeance, be the night with the ‘ Dark Knight Logo Bomber Jacket’. While the ‘Flash Logo Bomber Jacket’ will assist you in bolting of the gates of college with top speed with remarkably very few stumbles.

If you’re seeking to be a stylish person with superhero attires then you have nothing to worry about. Charming its way into the minds, wardrobes and wish-lists of almost everyone, the ‘Jet Black Bomber Jacket’ unleashes the really groomed, sharp look, slick hair, while riding a Harley Davidson, which is the sober version of our very own, Captain America on off-duty hours. While the ‘ Cross Bones Cactus Bomber Jackets’, just simply add more casualness and sportiness with its zesty coral shade.

But what about the belle’s of the ball? What is your yearly winter style? Boots with skirts. Sweaters with jeans. But what about jackets? The Bomber Jacket can be layered over everything because it literally goes with anything, even leggings, I swear. For a bit of mystery and urban vibe, mix the stone-grey melnage ‘Sorry not Sorry Bomber Jacket’ with dark lips and a casual messy bun, creating the ultimate combination for a winning look. You know when it’s a ‘must buy’ when fashion appeals to even those lazy, unbothered girls, who can sport the jacket even over a lazy Sunday pyjama, you’ll might just start a trend you know.

And finally incase if you’re wondering what common theme currently unties everyone in fashion, let me say, all the lines have been erased, as popular items are being searched across various sizes, genders, ages, occasions…you name it. It is 2017. Now go get yourself a Bomber Jacket.

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