“People believed themselves superior, talking of saving the planet, until they realized it was a joke, it was all a bloody joke.

Its been a good sceneic day, can’t say if it’s the same old or a great new.

But the people are old, the same old, new faces but old people. Cramming up spaces, jamming the road, pushing through streets, making new ways.

Going into the fancy buildings, their workplace. Every feeling superior to other, but being every other all the time. Working to be worthy of something for a worthwhile. Fresh hopes, new dreams and hard labor, being the pawn that everyone wants.

Out every day, braving the world, doing what they do best, freedom and stuff, building up individuality.

Yet we ignore that we work for someone else, the all powerfuls, earning them money, make them food, fight their wars, live for them, die for them, all this to make them happy.

The powerfuls set the rules. We earn , produce, spend, increase our value, fight our countrymen, in the hordes of sheep, step above others, to be better, to live and let die. And it keeps going in a cycle, same for all, the new and old. But we are never made to forget that we are doing it for the country and its people. The country, theirs or ours?

But its not all bad is it?

We are given money, splendid electronic toys to play with, our shiney suits, high class hotels, and prided rides. Helps to keep our mind occupied, make us feel important. All a hazy glass, preventing us to look too far beyond, question the authority that set rules for our lives, how we should live and how not to. The same life we thought was ours. And yet we think, all those new phones and fancy cars are bought from money.

We are shown the celebrities, and their rich lives, something to drool and fantasize upon everynight after work. We let them be treated differently, they can get away with murders, let them help terrorist. They rape newcomers, give it a legal name. And then they come towards us in there rich coatings, giving us a peek into there empty lives, rotten souls, and our lost minds. We bring them to our hearts, we like them, hell we love them, the hypnotic pendulums.

Till we have lived long enough, they completely own us, our mind their thinktanks and our body their assets. If the asset is not required by them, they let it go, whether it lives or die it doesn’t matter. Even the land that was given by nature is owned by the powerfuls and given to us in bits and pieces. But we are made to feel proud about it, a prowling thing in a magnificent cage, 60 years a slave.

We cut down trees, kill birds, cage animal, eat them. And when things went south, we bought slogans to save the earth, and made everyone shout.

Yet we forget we are earths own dirt, we can’t destroy it and it doesn’t need saving. It create things, destroy things and can definitely takes its care. We are the ones that need to be saved. Earth has been here for billions of years and will be here for billions more, we’ll be lucky if we can last a million.

All is not lost though, technology has linked us together, we can understand our lives better, alone we will get lost but together we can understand our lives, own it back for ourselves. We need to break the glass thats holding our view, we need to take our eyes and heads out of those television and mobile screens. We need to go out and enjoy the nature as long as we can. Cause its not just about us, its about the next generation and our choices which will either give them a new life or bring them caged to be a slave rest of their lives without them knowing it.

“In the dim background of our mind, we know what we ought to be doing but somehow we cannot start.”

- William James

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