Rounded or Square corners for better User Experience?

2 min readAug 22, 2017

After Twitter redesign exercise, I was looking at different websites/mobile apps that actually follow Round corners instead of square corners.

And I learned that basically almost every site is using rounded corners and I started examining this trend and realised that must be inspired from the surroundings/Nature.

Facebook which is Square with sharp edges but on zooming,

Every card edges in FB are rounded, actually.

Rounded corners are easy on eyes and every Apple device is rounded. Both iOS and Material Design elements are rounded.

Consider, Leaves, Trees, Mountains, Rivers for that matter our Planet itself is in an oval shape and any other planet. So we are inspired from nature and we align easily to rounded ones.

So, sharp edges in design is not bad but rounded corners definitely has an edge just because we are adapted to the environment which is oval or a circle since childhood.

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