2016 — “our time is now”

As my feed is flooded with “predictions for 2016” posts, thought it appropriate that I add to the conversations. So here’s my list of 5 things I’m hoping we’ll start witnessing in 2016. These are all mobile specific as that’s the way I roll:

  1. Simplicity : I think it’s time mobile hits the reset button and goes back to the grassroots in getting the basics right. Too much focus on over complicating conversations and too little time spent on asking the fundamental question “ Will I as a consumer want to experience this?”
  2. Transparency: We made the happy transition from talking billions of impressions to now talking audiences on mobile, however measurement, transparency and arriving at determined audience profiles is still a nightmare requiring some serious tech plumbing. Products like Facebook’s Atlas and Drawbridge are good attempts to resolve this, yet a long way to go. On a separate note, WTF is a “Semi blind” network?
  3. Getting rid of the jargon — a network is a network, and a platform is where you wait for trains. We really need to make the mobile conversation simpler for ourselves and our clients. And state things for what they are. How do we possibly explain a “mum’s audience cluster” when gender is assumed ?
  4. Thinking creative not simply for the sake of being creative: HTML is the shiny new object that allows us to build live Weather responsive ads that create clickable raindrops on screens — unfortunately I’m still flooded with crappy banners that don’t click out to anywhere. The merging of data and creativity is the big one for me, where we know who we want to talk to, when and in which context — yet what we eventually serve is a non — skip video. I’m really hoping 2016 sees mobile creative not being resized banners and 30 second prerolls but “Made for mobile” creative that creates conversations and curiosity
  5. Location : ok so I’ll say it, I truly believe location to be the magic sauce that takes mobile advertising to the next level, yes we’re getting super excited about connected watches and VR, but location fundamentally is unique to mobile and if utilised smartly throws up some very interesting use — cases for brands to leverage. Think beyond the spammy “you are 5meters from a deal” ad to using location as the new “cookie”

#LetsmakeMobileMagic #2016

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