Tech that owns me

This stems from an exercise we’d done at work a few weeks back, to see what bits of technology own pieces of your life and who are the companies that have built that tech.

No surprises on the usual suspects like Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft coming up tops. But in reading between the lines and seeing various people’s preferences when it came to more personal or utility driven experiences such as music streaming, currency exchangers, photo editors, alarm clocks and so on, one got a few pleasant and interesting surprises.

So, it got me thinking, what are the 5 -6 technologies that I’m consumed by? What are the tech platforms that I cannot fathom a world without? here’s a very initial stab at creating that list:

  1. Skype : to me skype represents connection, being close to family, being able to see my niece grow every week and being able to swap recipes with my mum. Yes there’s alternatives that might be better but Skype was there first and it still reigns supreme at least in my home
  2. Spotify: I’m going to rank it higher than a few others as I cannot imagine a world without Music on tap, and the thrill of both encountering an old favorite or discovering a new gem. I refuse to buy a paid subscription and at least at the moment am happy enduring their advertising
  3. Facebook : much as I might deride FB obsession and the vacuous and soul deflating trend to seek public attention that brings out the strangeness in us, I don’t think my life would be complete without facebook anymore. Its helped me get back in touch and stay in touch with long lost friends, go through the entire gamut of emotions in an hour and discover some fascinating content
  4. Apple: I’m not even close to being a fanboy, but a sucker who likes to look cool flashing Apple products, yet this is driven by the fact that they’re slick products that work and work damn well.
  5. Every taxi booking cab that works — because it just helps

I’m hoping this list would look different in the next year…but we’ll wait and watch.

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