Twitics — Understand your customers on Social Media

It’s 2016. We can’t even imagine life without this virtual thing called Social Media. We use it before sleep, just after waking up, in toilet, sometimes even in the shower. We use it while our parents, family or better half is yelling at us and we just want to escape, but can’t do that physically. While we are alone on this trip and we want to let the world know how happy we are without them (at least, that’s what we feel at that very moment). And if you have a girlfriend like mine, you definitely need Social Media at a date because she’s always late and keeps me waiting.

What do we use Social Media for? Almost anything! To criticize the government, tell people about the amazing food we had at this restaurant, tell Amir Khan how much we love him and what a great actor he is for making a film like P.K, telling people how much we love our country and hate him for calling India intolerant. Telling the World how great is Apple when we buy an iPhone and telling the world how pathetic Apple is because of it’s super-expensive spares and slow service times, right?

We use Social Media for everything including talking about the brands. Being a brand, it’s good to know that people are talking about you but it’s really important to understand what they are talking, what they feel about you, where do they live, what do they speak, what do they do and their psychological traits. To address this problem, we have come up with a product called Twitics.

Twitics is a Deep Social Media Intelligence Tool that will help you understand your consumers, their demographies and everything about them. Twitics keeps a close look at the Twitter feed and records every Tweet that is posted about your Brand. These recorded tweets are then analyzed using Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and other very advanced Data Science techniques to create meaningful, user-friendly and beautiful reports about your brand’s consumers. With Twitics you can understand your consumers instantly and save a lot on your marketing budget by reaching the right audience easily.

You can visit our website to understand how it works and what it can do for you. Keep Tweeting, Stay Connected. :)

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