Reasons for not taking Steroids | Harms of taking Steroids | Risks during Bodybuilding

When something will make you stronger, give you more lean muscle and give you the endurance to train longer and harder, it’s understandable that so many men are drawn to taking anabolic steroids.

Kai Greene

But you simply cannot ignore the very serious risks of taking them. If you’ve ever had even a fleeting thought of how great it’d be to just try them once, read on:

  1. Increased risk of Cancer and heart, liver disease : We workout and exercise for our healthy being and long lives, but taking supplements like anabolic steroids turns out the table. The risk of heart diseases and cancer increases.
  2. Baldness : one side effect is premature hair loss. Why risk losing your hair and aging yourself considerably? Consider, too, this study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science: bald men are perceived as more masculine and dominant, however, they are also considered less attractive than men with full heads of hair.

3. Reduced sperm count and infertility : When you take steroids, it can cause your testicles to shrink and decrease your sperm production — they interfere with the hormone signals that are required for sperm to be produced. So, taking steroids could seriously hurt your chance sof having kids one day.

Taking anabolic steroids

4. Aggression : Taken in high doses and over a long period of time, steroids can make you irritable, violent and stressed out. Steroids can impact how the brain functions and controls your impulses, and thus can result in violent reactions, Which is termed as ‘Roid Rage’.