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Siddharth Raisurana
2 min readJul 6, 2022

Consilient Partners” — what does that really mean ?

It means, not just to tend relationships on a job per job basis, but rather carry them on all along.

Here’s a story rooted in 2016 that started with Sid convincing an HR manager to connect him with the Vice Chairman of a Large Finance Powerhouse (leading Insurance, NBFC, Housing Finance, AMC, ARC and Commercial Finance)

It took 2 coffee chats just for the HR manager to put him through. But given the opportunity, as he does with all his clients, Sid led a spiel of stories on ‘Cooking Uncooked Deals’ : Deals, Positions and Mandates that didn’t exist before his proposition.

And right through the conversation, an initial mandate for the CEO of their Housing Finance arm transitioned to several CXOs; and later even their group HR manager.

But there’s nothing exciting about a mandate extending its tail.

What does pique interest though, is how relationships quickly transition to unfound requirements.

A couple years later, the Vice Chairman sensed a few things obscure about the company’s overarching details and left to join an another insurance conglomerate as their CEO.

His instincts couldn’t be more accurate; the previous company failed to pay off its debt and broke apart.

And here’s where things went in tune.

Right after the downturn, each of the individual CEOs of the respective business-arms expressed desire to have their ex-chairman back — A prodigal return, having their ex-Vice Chairman return as the group MD via a Reverse Management Buyout.

Sid is now raising $1.5Billion in an effort to outrightly buy the company with an optimised and set management in place.

Relationships quite literally take roundabout turns. From Hiring CEOs for the same person to helping him buyback his previous company (Fundraise, Advisory, and Buyouts), Fynehand is armed with a one stop solution to all things Human Capital.

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