There Was No ‘The Last Goodbye’

Can you ever not care about the person you loved?

It is a popular opinion that one must completely cut off all contact from the partner post the split: even if it was true love. There might be cases in which a simple reminder may bring forth a torrent of hurt but it would be wrong to assume this is the case for everyone.

I understand the need for space, time and distance to recover in the nascent stage of the break-up. But I don’t see the need to practice the same once the wound has healed.

If it was a loving relationship where the partners truly supported each other, it is impossible to just not care. In my case, the previous relationship only lasted for nine months. I know that it is not a long period for a relationship but I was happy. I had found someone who had genuine concern and affection in her heart for me. Fortunately, she knew I felt the same towards her. Even though we came to a realisation that we would not be happy together in the long run and had to walk different paths; I still feel it was it was a beautiful relationship. We did have issues and our share of lows. However, the highs were memorable and heartfelt.

The hurt slowly dissipated over time and I began to focus on my goals, diverting my energies into picking myself up. Once we came to terms with the reality of not being partners we also discovered another surprising fact. We still cared for each other even after all the hurt the break-up caused.

It stemmed from the realisation that even if we are no longer in a relationship, we had established a relation.

And I guess this one of the many mysterious effects of love. Hurt and pain will come but it is the happiness we built together that left a mark on my memory. The happiness we still feel in a simple embrace that conveys, ‘I am and will be here for you’.

This experience of mine challenged the popular notion of cutting all the ties. If your break-up was amicable then be wary of getting swayed by this notion. Because you have found a person who shares a relation with you. You definitely have to grow out of the relationship but if you feel a relation towards your ex-partner, think hard about the need to burn this bridge.

As I found out, I did not need a forever farewell because there was no ‘The Last Goodbye’.

-Slice Of Sidd

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