You Aren’t Asking Enough: How to get the money you want
Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper

Well written, Hannah. Most people just don’t ask! When it comes to money and getting paid, I think there are a few reasons why.

  1. They don’t know what they are worth. So instead of setting their own price, they allow others to set the price for them. This then influences how much they think they are worth, which isn’t a good thing if they aren’t getting paid well.
  2. The Imposter Syndrome. This happens, or has happened, to everyone. They start to feel like a fraud, like they don’t deserve to get paid to do what they do because there are others more qualified than them.
  3. They have no other option. They might know what they’re worth but if they’re broke, out of a job, or desperate, they’ll take anything that’s offered and won’t risk sabotaging that by asking for more.

The solution is to be very clear about what you’re worth. Like you said, have a number in mind below which you won’t go, no matter how badly you need to the job.

When beginning negotiations, start at a much higher rate than your minimum because you can bet your employer will try to bring the price down.

Looking forward to more stories from you, Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper