My experience with Expa Labs

Let me start at the beginning; Expa Labs is not a typical accelerator/incubator program. For starters, the Partners and core team are attentive to the needs of founders and accessible and attend events. To have this level of access and support was a great way to start my business Promote

When I was working at StumbleUpon, first meeting Garrett Camp after he reacquired the business, I came up with the idea to start Promote — a monetization engine for the marketplace. Another one of the partners at Expa, Roberto Sanabria, learned about my idea and suggested I look at the Expa Labs program. I decided to apply knowing the team would be hands on and had domain expertise in what I wanted to build.

Here are just some of the things that benefited Promote while in Expa Labs

Terms: Expa is very founder-friendly. One company in the Labs 2016 group had an issue with a clause in the investment documents that they approached the Expa team about. Expa responded by not only amending this issue for the team who had concerns but amending the investment documents for every other company in the Expa Labs 2016 batch, even though we had already signed our documents without pushing back on that same issue! To me, this shows how strong Expa’s core values are.
Office space: Expa has an amazing space in downtown SF (as well as offices in New York City and Vancouver). Bring a customer/investor and they’re sure to be impressed.

Expa Partners: Roberto, Hooman, Naveen, Milun, Vítor, and Garrett are all very open and willing to help when teams have any question or need. One example is the ability to ask for an introduction to a prospective company or partner — they can usually make it happen at any level and very quickly.

Expa Labs Team: The program is run by Eric Friedman and supported by Andrea Funsten (GM of Expa Labs in SF). Both Eric and Andrea go out of their way to help founders and their needs the first priority. Myself and the Promote team are thankful for their help! The Expa team was also helpful, and sitting alongside other Expa Studio companies and EIRs was invaluable.

Expa Labs Program: Every founder and company have different goals and obstacles they face. However, Expa Labs empowers founders to make their own judgments and decisions helping them along the way. Being empowered to make decisions that make the most sense for Promote was one of the key benefits to the program. Each company has individual goals, strategy, customer acquisition tactics, and research and adapting to those needs is key. The program is designed to support the needs of the founders, whatever they may be, and remove obstacles that arise.

Expa network: The ability to connect with other Expa portfolio companies was a great learning experience. Getting advice on design, analytics, HR, hiring, accounting, and PR, and having discussions with EIRs were tremendously helpful.

These are just a few of the many things I liked about our experience at Expa. If you’re looking for an accelerator where not only your needs but also your goals are met as well, I would definitely recommend Expa Labs. Again, we’re thankful for the experience we had (and got) there.