Men’s Wedding Exclusives

Fashion is no longer celebrated among women, for with the rise of Film and Television industry, men are becoming more and more conscious about their style and handsomeness, and are even fascinated to try anything that promises a figure worth appraising. Besides cosmetics and fitness utensils, men are demanding exquisite fashion wears that would appeal to their masculinity and render them irresistibly. In Wedding Occasions, men’s choice of fashion has driven the fashion designers to think distinctly and craft a new design that would not only look glamorous but would be a perfect match for wedding ambiance. India’s wedding celebration is famous worldwide, where all the illuminating effects and mellifluous resonance in proportion with banquet and dance imbues each moment with auspiciousness, which know no bounds.

Although men are not fond of shopping as women are, the proliferation of e-commerce sites such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, etc., and the easiness of choosing and purchasing from these sites with their discount coupon, have enabled men to sit back at home or on office chair, and thereon trying something worth wearing. Most of the e-commerce sites have a separate page for men’s Wedding Wears, and the presence of attractive discounts on various wedding garments like Kurta, Pajamas, Dhoti etc helps men to fulfill their dreams. Wedding is a special occasion, and its verily obvious that all men, whosoever visiting the wedding hall have a profound desire of wearing something elegant and stunning.

Given below are the Top 5 Wedding Wears, one may try with sigh of exhilaration.

  1. Wedding Sherwani

Wedding Sherwani tops the list in terms of popularity. It is so comfortable and fascinating that it also has its die-hard fans across Asia, Europe and far Western continents. Furthermore, the stunning varieties of Wedding Sherwanis, coming out in wide ranges of spectrum and fabric, and designer embroideries have incredibly redefined men’s perspectives on wedding fashion wear. Moreover, the smooth purchasing experience in e-commerce sites and that of explosive accounts contributed towards the popularity of Wedding Sherwanis. To many men, both India and West, this wedding wear evokes the spirit of manhood and majestic outlook. In broader sense, it is indeed the perfect choice for men in wedding occasions.

2. Kurta Pajama

A wonderful combination of Kurta and Pajama is one of the traditional men’s wedding wear, however, today, in the age of fashion, the ethnic gorgeousness persisted, but what changed is the design and illustrative effects. Kurta Pajama is highly popular among the eccentric people who still loves the ethnic touch on the plain of modern spectrum. Usually, Kurta Pajamas are not that expensive, it comes in average package, but increases in terms of the quality of fabric. Many Bollywood actors appeared in Kurta Pajama in marriage scenes of their films and even in real life marriage occasions.

3. Jodhpuri Suits

Earlier popular among noble and aristocratic families of India, who used to wear in marriage occasions or meetings, but now this dress has ranked third in the list of top wedding wears. Today, Jodhpuri Suit still possesses its classic magnificence but the radiance undergone changes in terms of style and visuals. It is popular among men looking for majestic outfits to radiate an ignited appearance with all style and opulence. Jodhpuri Suit is also available in popular online stores and most of the varieties are within the reach of common men.

4. Indo-Western Sherwani

Indo-Western Sherwani is bend of classic elegance and modern fashion radiance. Since the young generation is more and more drawn to the western lifestyle and perspective, and thus the need of an amalgam is inevitable. Indo-Western Sherwani contributed there a lot and got worldwide popularity even among Westerners.

5. 3 Piece Suits

3 -Piece Suits has also found popularity, especially in North Indian marriages, and is indeed a sign of opulence and status. Its irresistible designs captivated men for decades. Now available in various price range, it has ranked fifth in terms of most online searched men’s wedding wear. Many celebrities and renowned personalities are found appearing in wedding ceremonies in 3-Piece Suit, for it radiates authority and intellectual maturity.

For men, wedding verily is the occasion celebrating life long commitment between two souls, and for this each and every moment has to be celebrated with pride and honor. In addition, a man’s perspective is different, he yearns to participate in an occasion where his presence would mean something worth noticing.