Our little contribution to the world

When we started our journey as Entrepreneurs, we started off with the mission to contribute towards betterment of Child Healthcare. We wanted to make it more affordable, accessible and complete. Towards making this we introduced Rs 20 / min tele-consultation with paediatricians. The parents from even remote corners of India had access to it via a mobile app which works offline. They could plot growth charts of their children and detect early if any anomaly has been there. Also we introduced free questions and answers, where mothers could freely ask questions to other mothers and doctors. A mother in India seldom finds support while raising her child. She has to go through criticism by her in-laws for not raising her child in the right way. Neither she is appreciated by her husband and society for the amount of effort she puts in raising her child.

Slowly we built a network of 40,000 mothers on a single mobile app which allows them to connect to each other, find other moms on the same journey and be recognised as a mother. They answer each other queries and support each other through various emotional journeys.

I have been told by one of my dear friends that lately we have moved away from our motto of child healthcare. This is true. We have built something which is as valuable as our mission of child healthcare. The mission is to “Connect Mothers”. It’s to enable them to help each other.

Lately on my own personal journey I have explored Buddhism. We realise the fundamentals of Impermanence. No matter how many great leaders , companies and countries have walked on this earth, they have faded into dusts of time. We also will fade. Our legacy of what we have contributed may remain or may not. If you ask me the single most important contribution which we have done is “enabling people to help each other”. This is by far the single most important aspect which we can as humans unlock. Develop compassion for other beings. Mothers by their very nature are helpful. We have enabled them to help other mothers. This creates a lot of positive karma for oneself. One mother on our platform has responded to 3,000 questions. Her answers are being read by 10,000 mothers daily. They are helping them to grow their child in the right way and assuring them the are doing good job of being a mother. We have been able to bring little more peace in life of a mother. Imagine when each of 40,000 mothers creates 3,000 answers. How much positive karma each one accumulates.

Enabling people to gain positive karma by helping others is by far our little but most contribution to this world. Our imprints may fade away with time but the karma we create always start new causes and effects.