O Dear! You have taken many birth .I remember them all ; Don't you ?

You are reincarnated here to live your life once again
To help mankind , in some better way

As you worn out your clothes everyday,
Same goes with soul, as it leaves one to get another.

Karma is a bitch and you know this,
What you do is what you get,
So do what you love not what you choose.

Your body is pure when your soul is limpid,
So please don't make your soul turbid.

I want to bless you with a forever Eternal Sunshine,
That could possibly make you mine.

You have done so many sins so far,
Only some pious work could overcome this .

Do some great work,as this will increase your pool count,
Which store all your good and bad composition.

You will be reviewed only by your work, not by your name
That will give you some amount of fame.

Now as you became old, weak and fragile,
But still you've to walk an extra mile.