Teasing my Tastebuds at Taaza Thindi

I looked at the menu and was shocked at the breakfast prices being so cheap. A masala dosa costs 25 and a plate of idli costs around 15. My favorite filter coffee was at 10. Let that long queue not be a blocker between you and your food. The queue moves fairly quickly and in no time you will see yourself fiddling in your wallet for the money while the guy at the counter just waits for you to hand it over.

I ordered one Masala Dosa, one idli, one vada, one coffee, one kesari bhath. For the dosa, there is another queue while you get the others very quickly. The idli and vada just seem to be out of this world. Dipped in coconut chutney, the idli simply melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting for more. It keeps lingering on your palate long after your plate is empty. The chutney tastes so good and fresh that they give you more if you want, for no extra charge. Same goes with vada which reminded me of my homemade vada on holi which my mom prepares as part of the holi cuisine.

After approximately a 10 minute wait for the dosa, my turn comes. As i pickup the plate, the strong aroma of the ghee atop the dark colored and crisp dosa pierces my nose, it feels like heavenly food has at last arrived. Do not let the size of the dosa fool you. It is medium sized, but heavy. As I took the first bite of that dosa, juices oozed out from the walls of my mouth. The masala was made of potatoes and onion, cooked in a teaspoon of oil and half a spoon of mustard sprinkled over it.

After a hearty meal, now was time for some filter coffee. And it did not dissappoint me either. You could feel the freshness of everything that was provided. There were also various posters and digital advertisement screens scrolling information showing, from the benefits of eating green vegetables to how they used automatic and hygenic dish washers and made food using edible water purified by some high tech filter installed in their kitchen.

This place is definitely worth a try for all living in Bangalore. If I was still not able to convince you, then may be the reviews at Zomato will!

Adios! Till next time!