Early childhood experience and its influence in adulthood.

I am going to mention three individuals and how their adult life has been influenced by their childhood experiences and memories.

First, an individual who was disciplined by her parents in the name of religion. She was confined mostly to the limits of her home in term of influence in what to wear, what to eat, whom to speak, where to go, everything on every step of her growth. Since she didn’t get much exposure of world beyond certain boundary, whatever she learnt was within the moral confinements of her home and parents; when she become an adult, she eventually developed a sense of hatred to everyone she met, everything she saw and wherever she went. Eventually she lost her life because of the iron wall of perceptions that were created by her parents in the name of discipline.

Second, an individual who was raised in his mother’s home, though his father was around. His father become more like live-in in-laws place, rather indepently along with his family. In India a male is expected not to live in his in-laws place, rather expected to raise his children and take care of his wife independently, along with taking care of his aging parents, while giving some support to his in-laws. This child was growing in a non conducive environment, where his father was not treated or respected well by his wife or in-laws, and eventually loosing his life for alcohol. This child grew up and got married and started perceiving his own in-laws with lots of apprehension and did not maintain great relationship with his wife or her family. This was the result of low self-esteem that was developed during his early childhood and also by witnessing his father’s sufferings in his wife’s home.

Third is about an individual who has lived a very healthy childhood, surrounded by happy family and loving parents. He grew up healthy, have a wonderful relationship and a well balanced life.

A man (or women) is filled with his or her childhood experiences. Every moment is critical in formation and creation of a child’s journey in becoming a well balanced adult.

The childhood experience will reflect in every act of that adult unless it is influenced psychologically or through a conscious effort by that individual to correct oneself.

“Timeline therapy”, a tool used by NLP practitioners or psychologists is one of the most effective methods to overcome childhood experiences and possibly to lead rest of ones life in more matured and free mind.

Who you are is the child that lives within you.

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