What a woman want?

Ha-ha. Well this subject has been discussed, debated and researched for centuries. Let me share my views.

Primary goal of any species is to survive, to reproduce and to keep its own species alive on earth. This is no different for humans — be it a male or female.

Primary need for a woman is to find a partner who can support in keeping the human species active. Like many other animals in selecting mates, women does look for physical feature for right gene selection and to protect her to enable in keeping the species alive for next cycle.

Second is protection. Protection for a comfortable journey in the above mentioned process. Comfort in modern life could mean different for different people. She would certainly look for someone better than the comfort she is receiving from her parents.

Thirds social values, including him not becoming a future predator who could venture into other’s territory. In simple terms, loyalty.

And fourth comes the love and affection for offspring, to make sure the species lives beyond her lifetime.

Fifth, psychological need. In order to continue the journey, she expects emotional support.

The list can have more and not necessarily in the above mentioned sequence.

To sum, Fitness, wealth, loyalty, love and affection and maturity are some primary factor a woman wants. This is my view; what’s yours.

Anyone for a debate or more inputs.

Let’s keep our species alive.