Media Sensationalism and Disregard to Humanity for sake of a “STORY” Or, A FAILURE OF THE SYSTEM and Corruption.

Siddhartha Sharma
Aug 26, 2016 · 3 min read

What the novelist said in 1998 is so true when when I put it in the context of today’s media — electronic as well as print, leave aside the social : where half the things posted are equivalent to rumours and click baits.

Let’s get into little bit of analysis of the work journalists does today, to consider I will pick the recent case where tribal man had to carry his deceased wife over his shoulders and walk miles with his weeping daughter beside because a moratory van wasn’t made available to him.

Firstly, congratulations Mr. X — you got yourself a viral story, may be it earned you a small raise, after all it had a million impressions over Facebook in no time. I am sorry, my friend, but you Mr. X didn’t win. You lost on one very important thing — humanity.

Q. Who died? Who is the carrier? Where did it happen?

A. Dana Majhi walked 10 km along with his daughter carrying Amang Deis’s (his wife) body on his shoulder, after he failed to obtain a mortuary van or an ambulance from the district headquarters hospital at Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi.

Q. How far was is his place from the hospital?

A. Melghara in Rampur block, which is about 60 km from Bhawanipatna.

Q. Did he walked to place?

A. No, he didn’t. When few locals saw him in such a state, they arranged for his ambulance services, the moratory van.

Q. Is it true that those locals were reporters?

A. Well, some sources have quoted them so. But, I am not sure as I haven’t conducted any investigation personally. If yes, I will gladly take back my words on Mr. X above.

Q. How was the ambulance made available later?

A. Will need to wait for the investigation reports, ordered by the District Collector.

Q. Is there any scheme, under which family can use convenience of an ambulance for the dead?

A. Yes, Harishchandra Sahayata Yojana and Mahaparayana Scheme.

Harishchandra Sahayata Yojana (assistance to poor and destitute for last rites is a scheme launched in CMRF during August 2013 for providing financial assistance to poor and destitute for conducting the last rites of their family member and for cremation of unclaimed dead bodies. During the year 2014-15, (as on 25.03.2015)the Collectors and other Executive agencies have provided assistance of Rs.14,73,01,960/- to 79,806 families for conducting the last rites of their deceased family member. (

Mahaparayana Scheme is another scheme inaugurated by the Naveen Patnaik government in February to assist in carrying dead bodies. Dead body carriers are supposed to be deployed at 37 government hospitals and a total of 40 vehicles were assigned for the job, with a staffing around 100 specially for the job.

We saw how a section of journalist covered the news for a story and how few assisted giving a hope to humanity. What is alarming here is that — the state enjoys the privilege of two schemes for one purpose but why wasn’t the citizenry able to avail it?

Is it disregard to ones duty and responsibilities or is it another story of corruption?

More to it, after investigation. Stay tuned.

Siddhartha Sharma

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Based in New Delhi, I write mainly on finance, banking, international relations and transportation. Working on my book.

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