My paranormal experience

I usually don’t believe in the paranormal, but I thought I’ll share this with you. It has been many years since this happened and I couldn’t keep this bottled inside.

It happened one day in 2013, I had to go to the entertainment tax office, and it was quite late in the evening. I had to pay ETax for a show which was to take place next day and was in a rush. It was cloudy and was quite dark by 4.30pm.

I reached the complex and (it was my first time there) it was a dilapidated building-probably 30–40 years old. There was a smell of old papers in the air (govt office).

The security guard was an old man, and he had this strange craziness in his eyes. I ignored that and asked him where ETO-4 counter was. He said “It’s late. You shouldn’t be here.”

I don’t know, something told me that I should turn back – but I didn’t want any trouble during my show. So I asked one of the peons; and he directed me.

After climbing 3 floors of dimly lit stairwells – I reached ETax counter.

At the counter there was a lady – middle aged – approaching retirement. She has this aura of an all-knowing and seeing grandmom. She said “come sir, we have been expecting you.”

I was taken aback. How did she know? I asked her. She said “we keep a track of shows on BookMyShow.”

I laughed a laugh filled with relief. The rain had started. There was no turning back now.

Then the power cut happened.

I could hear footsteps and heavy breathing approaching me. I was trembling at this point. What the heck was happening?

It was the watchman. How did he get here (3rd floor) so fast??

He lit a candle and held it up. The flickering flame accentuated the craziness in his eyes.

I turned around to find the ETax lady standing right behind me. She said, in a hushed tone, “It’s late. We should leave.”

I said “Madam, I really have to pay tax for tomorrow’s show. My humble request to please process this for me.”

I looked at the clock over her shoulder, illuminated with the little light from the watchman’ candle – it was 5pm. There was rumbling thunder in the background.

What happened next, rocked me to the. core and changed my belief system.

She went back to her desk and processed my tax filing, without me having to bribe anyone. At 5pm.

This was my paranormal experience. Pls share urs too.

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