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Local Hack Day : Build

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I never thought I would come so far!

This has been a fantastic journey, I contributed a lot and learned at the same time. learning with people, building various projects, sharing ideas and views and what not.

Local Hack Day Build has given us the opportunity to open up ourselves and come ahead and make ourselves shine.

I was proud to be part of EddieHub Community! As I started, people in the community were super interactive which gave me boost, i actively took part in everything!

Attended live sessions, various workshops, mini-events and what not…

In this medium article, I will walk you through my journey so far with Def Hacks Organization. You will get to know more about Def Hacks, my experience, some opportunities and a great news at the end for you. So read it all :D

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Def Hacks

Hackathons by students, for students.

Def Hacks is a reputed international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing immersive learning experiences for students in computer science across the world. At their free hackathons, they unite students, teachers, and tech companies to enable education, collaboration, and innovation. From first-time hackers to experienced coders, Def Hacks provides opportunities for…

After the COVID-19 situation, to support small businesses our Indian Local Guide community decided to host The Unity Walk — India 🇮🇳, the sole purpose of the walk was to improve the information on Google Maps. We had Local Guides coming from more than 28 different communities in 28 different states of entire India and they came together for the purpose of 1 mission, i.e. The Unity Walk. This meetup was a part of The Unity Walk and the sole purpose was to refocus, rebuild & renew the Small Business.🚀

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It was the day of Sunday dated 21st June 2020…

In this medium article, I will walk you through the Internet of Things Technology and will share points on the subject. I will take you through basic definitions of IoT, reasons for IoT, IoT Technology, it’s applications, future scope and possibility. I will also briefly explain on where and how to start. Happy Reading.

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Internet Of things

What is IoT?

Internetworking of devices, physical objects embedded with sensors, actuators, software, electronics, network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

In simple terms :
Network of physical objects or “things” which are interconnected via “internet”

Brief History of IoT

Face verification is a one-to-one mapping of a given face against a known identity. People often go through several changes in their appearance. For this purpose, a system has to be designed that can verify a given identity even if there is a variation in their appearance.
In this article we will train a deep learning model to match face images of a person in varied facial appearance. It explores and compares some few modern face recognition models and also tries to fine tune and replicate those models.


Harshavardhan Abichandani
Juby Susan George
Siddharth Dayalwal


Surbhi Gupta


Face Recognition technology…

OpenSource Fest or OS Fest is a 1 day long event and it is all about open source technologies and resources which can help a programmer to quick start his journey in this competitive world of coding.

In the 21st century, we are coming across many new technologies and when we get to know that these technologies are open source, we can think of many opportunities with it. A thought of introducing these technologies for those minds who have just started their engineering journey, lead us to organize the OS FEST. So our campus club, Club-DevBytes organized the event where…

CodeVenza was a 2 days long coding event which was held during the Computer Science Education Week, 2018(7th December — 13th December).

In the on-going CSEW, we organized a coding event under the banner of Computer Society of India. Individuals have to go through few problems, questions, and programs in a specific programming language and have to solve them within the allotted time period. Programming skills
and the logical mind-sets of the participants was tested in this event.

The event focused on Competitive programming. Don’t know about competitive programming? Don’t worry, let me brief you: Competitive programming is a mind…

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