Every New Year all of us make resolutions and promise to do everything in our power to achieve them before the turn of the year. Hey, what do you know, “everything is our power” turns out to be just a phrase and we end up giving up on our resolution faster than you can say “RESOLUTION”.

Anyways, following the usual traditions, I have decided to go ahead and make some resolutions of my own and again as per traditions I take the pledge, “I, Siddharth Dubey, do solemnly swear that I will do everything in my power to uphold my resolutions and see them achieved. “

So here goes, my resolutions for year 2017 are:

  1. My first resolution is the same as it was last year, I plan on writing frequently. I tried the same on tumblr last year but didn’t work out so well, so here I am giving a shot to medium. And from what I have been reading so far the content on medium is fabulous and my plan is to provide as much content as possible from my end.
  2. My second resolution is to lose weight. Not a ton but just a little flab from the sides. Over the last couple of years I have become laggard. Finish work, reach home, irritate my wife (😜), have food and go to sleep, this became my daily routine and though I have had a lot of fun, my fitness has suffered. So now, my resolution is to hit the gym atleast 4 days a week but post “irritating my wife” .
  3. Last year my wife and I had an absolutely amazing tour of Europe. We went to Madrid, Barcelona, Rome and Venice and we loved every second of that trip. From places to people everything is Europe is just too beautiful. So my last resolution for this year is to plan and execute another trip to Europe. Though the exact destinations and itineraries require a lot of effort we can atleast finalise the countries by the end of this month. Hoping for another a-ma-zing tour this time around as well.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this marks the end of my first blabbering session on medium. Here’s hoping many more to come.

Happy New Year 2017.


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