The Art of Concentration

This blog idea is brought to you courtesy of noisy kids on Delhi metro sitting opposite me. I started my journey pretty late from the office and after a day full of tolerating crappy ideas and giving bull-crap justifications, wanted to have a nice quiet metro ride to home and catch up on my reading a little bit.

After boarding the metro I saw, and was pleasantly surprised to find a place to sit which was not allocated for ladies, senior citizens and differently abled people. This, if you have travelled in delhi metro, is a rare phenomenon (on the level of Hailey’s Comet 😂).

So I sat down, took out my kindle(yeah..ps4 and a kindle 🤘🏼) and started on my book. As I was scrolling through the pages, the kids took out their phone and started watch videos in loud noises. Through that disturbance, I read a couple of pages but was unable to comprehend anything. Fast forward a couple of stations (yeah that’s how time is measured in Delhi metro), and they started flipping the bottle to see who could land it on it’s base. And poof goes my concentration. Now make no mistake, I wanted to play too, bit too chicken to ask the kids to let me😞. Anyways, so I took my phone out and suddenly an epiphany hit me right on the face. I realized how poor is my concentration that cannot read a book while few kids are making noise in front of me.

So concentration must be an art, right? Coz if it was science people would find a way to develop a steroid for concentration. To keep yourself immersed in your work while others around you continue to make a fool out of themselves is an art lost to me. And this is not the first time I have realized it, I know I suffer from poor concentration.

In the world of snapchats, twitter and facebook , concentration eludes me and I am sure a lot of my friends feel the same way. It is very difficult to achieve a state where you have unflinching levels of concentration. But that still remains the most important part of our lives. Concentration is what makes us successful, in studies, in job, in entrepreneurship, in any walk of life. So while I go now and look at ways of improving my concentration, I leave you with a thought:

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus. – Alexander Graham Bell


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