Who were they?

Fiction story- part 1

Year 2025.

Central India.

It was two days after someone noticed these giant structures after the massive earthquake that shook the people of central India in the states of Telangana, Maharashtra and Chhatisgarh. Since then, these structures were catching eyes of the world. They are unearthed when the river Godavari changed its course slightly due to earthquake near the town of Sironcha. These structures included a massive circular fort like structure and several large buildings around it. India is home to many form of architectures but, no one has ever seen such form of architecture in India or anywhere in the world.

The large fort “The Prime” as now it is called, had white coloured bricks and completely packed structure from the outside. Not even a window is present to look what’s inside of it and only a big metal door is present in the Southern direction. The prime and other buildings had an appearance of massive capital city of some past empire, but then why no one could recognise the form of architecture? Why there are white bricks and no windows in what appears to be the living place of their leader or leaders. More surprises were to uncover when archeologists were flown in by the Indian army to read the symbols or letters written on few artifacts found laying around the city. These letters did not resemble any form of writing ever known in world, till now, only Indus valley civilization script was the mysterious one which was never decoded but now, one more was there in front of Indian archeologists. This is going to be the news of this century.

Sironcha, the whole area is a mystery for few decades now. Scientists and Geologists have found Dinosaur fossils here which dates back to millions of years. Town was also important for a few years when British East India company was finding strong foot in Deccan. Not far from here, is the meeting point of three rivers, The Godavari, The Indravati, and The Pranhita. Thanks to the presence of such water sources, a thick cover of forest makes the area alienated in India. It’s also the meeting point of 3 states and that’s why newly developed Highway was made to pass from here. Two days ago, the earthquake which had the epicentre near the town, disrupted the natural course of the Godavari. Scientists are predicting that it is only a temporary development and given the gradient of Deccan plateau, Godavari waters will be back on the natural course. All this was happening when some villagers spotted these ancient structures in the dried path of Godavari. Soon the news spreaded out and Indian Army took control of area to protect these mysterious structures from tomb raiders and scavengers. Political leadership, which were highly conservative, saw this as the perfect moment to claim past glory and greatness of ancestors. So, this has also become a political theatre now. Best architects of country from Archeological survey of India had been called and sent to the site. A team of scientists was already there by the orders of the Prime Minister. Villagers were asked to leave their houses as it is, and promised to be compensated for their property. The town of Sironcha suddenly became home to many news reporters and government officials. Now, all were waiting to the next chapter of this exciting development near a forgotten town.

Everything was set, a team of archeologists with 2 scientists were ready to enter by breaking the door carefully when they understood it was much more important than it looked. The enigmatic language and script gave a chill down the spine of seasoned Archeologists. Other Archeologists all around the world sent mails to ASI to not to open the door as it could be dangerous. Warnings came from all sort of fields, some said it might be containing some dangerous virus inside as it had no windows and door is sealed, some claimed that the structure might collapse if the door is pulled away, some attached it with some curse and warned that some God will harm whole country if the door is opened. Some old royal families of area claimed the property but they were made silent by Indian government. So, now ASI was contemplating what to do with the structure. Time was slipping from their hands as the Godavari could come back to hide this treasure again in her bosom.

Arindam Tripathi, Head of The Archeological survey of India is on a phone call with The Prime Minister of India.

“Sir, I am afraid but we have deployed all our human resources to read the script and yet we can’t read it” said Tripathi in slightly apologetic tone.

“Well! Then what do you want me to do about it Tripathi ji? I gave you the full authority to uncover this mystery, and now you tell me it can’t be done!” added PM with his question to Tripathi.

“errr.. Sir, actually the required help is now beyond my authority. We might need professor Shah and Mr. Baig from Pakistan, as well as Professor Nishad and professor Momina from Bangladesh here with us”. Uttered Tripathi in a breath and waited for response. Line went silent for 10 seconds.

“Are you out of your mind Tripathi! If we call these people from neighbouring countries then we will have to share the glory of our discovery with them.” Said the Prime minister.

“with all due respect, we also feel proud of Harrappa and Mohenzodaro cities sir! They fall now in present day Pakistan. Pakistan never made an objection over this. Besides that, Prof. Shah is the only man who could read 8 letters of Indus valley civilization and I believe he can be of great help here, Mr. Baig is his assistant and an expert of ancient metallurgy.”

“Other people from Bangladesh are also scholars of Indian ancient architecture and they can help here too as Bangladesh is really active in discovering old structures there.” Tripathi tried to explain.

“Sir, what if claims are real and actually there is a virus contained inside of those walls and we accidentally bring havoc to our motherland. The glory we looking for to justify the foundations of our land will be converted into mockery by the world. Death of thousands or maybe millions can be avoided if someone can read that script.” Tripathi made one final attempt to explain his point.

“hmm.. you are right here Tripathi ji. But let me be very clear, the credit of anything we discover on Indian soil will not be shared by any other countries. You can make the arrangements to fly in the gentlemen and the lady. I will talk to their foreign departments. Now! You better get me a great civilization from that goddamn tomb.” Prime minister finally gave a nod.

Within two days, Usman Shah, zubair Baig, Sohan Nishad and Momina Hussein were present at the temporary office of ASI in Sironcha and meeting their Indian teammates. Tripathi was making the introductions.

“He is Mr. Matthews, our leading Geologist.”

“Mahen pandiyan- the archeologist”

“Ms. Neeru Sharma, she is our ancient architecture specialist.”

“Mr. Jayant Yadav, he specialises in Biochemical engineering and will help the team to collect the samples carefully.” said Tripathi.

Total Eight members along with 6 Labourers were going inside the prime. Still no one knew who were the makers of those magnificent structures and what empire they were a part of. The language they used was also a mystery, it had no roots in Sanskrit or any language in Deccan. Where did they come from and why there is no description of these people in the history. Everything will be uncovered in upcoming days and hopefully everyone will know “who were they”.