My Why

The reason I like
poetry is because
it has no rules to follow
I write as thoughts flow
I can dwell, swell
spell and tell
all the things
I have in mind
and let others find the meaning
in my pining
for things
which brings
happiness, pleasure, love
and a purpose to life.

It might seem
uncanny to many
how I slam a jam
with the words
without giving it
much thought
as I brought
you here to
pick, lick
and throw
these words
on you
as they grow
in your minds
you feel a surge
a sudden urge
to call your heart
there is a start
to this journey with
the best possible
end of times
by the light send 
from above.
we were stunned
by the fact
that this light was
not an act
of God but
proved by Science
as it
the diverse knowledge
& diverge
in different branches
might finally
in God
but who knows
we are trying
to understand him
in our dim
lighted minds
covered with
numerous blinds
and the one
who finds them
his old
of world changes
expanding the ranges
of imagination
he sees
in his vocation
but feels education
has only impaired
people to look
beyond the book
their purpose to be
to this degree
that automation
has made man a robot.

What are we striving for?
tell me in your words not theirs…
Suffering and pain
who cares?
Injustice and crimes
who dares?
Pairs of eyes
averting the obvious
deciding not to look,
Are you better than your portrait
hanging from the hook?

Step back once
to see you exist
and others too
as much as you
while you stare
with this flare
layer by layer
the truth will appear
to know for sure
& when you strive for more
to reveal the core
and find you
truer than true
see the path you sought
emerge out of blue

All I am trying to say
is, it pains me to see us
living this way…
so today
I am one more person
standing for the truth I see
and hey!
I propose
that we have
the potential
to be true
and view
the world as it is

All I am trying to grow here
is Love
as I see a seed
in each of us.

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