Two Sailors

M: Ahoy Sailor!

F: Ahoy, fellow sea man!

M: How’s the ship of life?

F: The Sea has been good to me all these years. How about you?

M: My compass is broken. Do you know where are we going?

F: Forward, I guess.

M: Do you have a map?

F: Everyone makes their own.

M: And, you did?

F: I have only chalked out the path I reached here. How about you there?

M: Well, I made mine with the help of ships I met along the way. They came from far off places, crossing the hurdles still unknown to me.

F: Sounds like a great map.

M: But the problem is, I do not know where to go. Wrecked compass, you see.

F: It can not be irreparable

M: I don’t know.

F: Your compass, have you ever let any ship look in to it?

M: I am afraid

F: I can understand

M: How do you manage without a map?

F: I believe in making my own map.

M: You know nothing of the things that lie ahead- huge icebergs, deadly fishes,

F: colorful skies, beautiful mermaids. That’s the thing, you see; The sea around us is constantly changing and you never know what you’ll find.

M: So all those great ships of adventure, are they wrong?

F: I only know that they made their own way.

F: So, will you let me see your compass?

. . .