The key to perseverance

We all wish to persevere in one way or the other to accomplish a given set of task at hand. But we all know that to persevere in a given task is indeed going to be a hectic climb up the mountain. The harsh hostile conditions we have to face on doing a task can really demotivate us.

We have had experts comment on this in the past regarding ‘staying motivated at all times and performing at peak levels’. The important aspect they clearly mention is to create a strong mindset. Just mentally trying to picture strength and trying to remain motivated through out the course of action won’t reap you benefits but instead, it’s essential to feel the mindset and the intentions coursing through your veins and that’s the fundamental principle to persevere a given task as that helps to build momentum to carry forward the next.

“Everything that is occurring in our lives is the immediate result of our thoughts. The atrocities, the sadness, the sufferings is entirely created because of our own way of thinking. When it comes to persevering something, it clearly depends on the thought patterns you hold before you conduct a task. Based on the thoughts that you hold, your success is determined,” says, Vishen Lakhiani, CEO and Founder of Mind Valley.

From the above aforementioned statement, it’s clearly understood that our thoughts rob us of our true potential to perform at peak levels. We are all told to maintain a positive mind and composure, but the intriguing question remains- how to be the positive being you are expected to be?

We all know that ‘work’ is not anybody’s cup of tea and that we must complete the task before a stipulated time frame but when people are slacking off at workplaces they are bound to be doomed. Here’s a simple technique that will rid your mind of all negativity stored in you and bring about changes in all areas of life.

Again, as I have mentioned in my previous blogs that what you visualize with a degree of emotion and intent, your thoughts shall manifest forth into the physical reality. Before initiating a work, visualize the circumstances you want to bring forth- the creativity, the compliments from you colleagues and all the things that factor in your visualization for a smooth and flamboyant performance.

Upon doing this, you pave a road path to carry out your work with absolute ease and go past all the obstacles in your way. Repeatedly exercising this technique will help you build a basic foundation to maintain a steady momentum throughout your work. Successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates,Vishen Lakhiani and many others that fit the category understood, the workings of the subconscious mind and used it to its fullest to prosper in their endeavors.

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