May the 4th be with you

Known as the star wars day, May 4th was the date chosen by Google to finalize the list of the student proposals selected for Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

Courtesy : Google

For those who are wondering what GSoC is, consider it as a hiring program, initiated by Google. It was started in 2005. It focuses on increasing the involvement of college students to the Open Source Community. Open Source communities are those who believe in FOSS (free and open source softwares), meaning, that they provide their code for free.

“Free as in freedom, not as in beer.”

Around 200 Open source organizations apply to GSoC to hire around 1200 students over the world to contribute to the organizations code-base every year.

Google Summer of Code 2017

210 organizations and around 5500 students applied to the program, of which 1318 were selected. (I am lucky to be one of the 1318. The feeling of being selected as a GSoC’er is quite incredible. )

Now all the 1318 students will work on their proposed projects for 13 weeks coordinating with their mentors and organization for maximum utility to both organization and themselves.

Google Summer of Code is a brilliant opportunity for college students to learn and contribute to the Open Source Community.