How to be stress-free no matter what?

What is stress?

It is a feeling of pressure and pain to do something or fear of any consequences, where small quantities of stress is healthy and beneficial to get you working. It can make you stop procrastinating.

When it increases to undesired levels, it leads to mental illness, depression, physical sickness etc.

How to get rid of it?

The following are the steps to live a stress free life :

  1. Coming back to basics, acknowledge the fact that you are feeling a mental pressure in moments of stress.
  2. When you are aware that you are feeling stress, half way you have conquered stress.
  3. Now let’s try to move towards what are you stressed about, for eg, a college students has a submission, a trader has supplier payments, a banker has asstes under management target. In short everyone has their own things to look up to.
  4. If these things are not as we desire, we are stressed. But undergo a paradigm, and see what is the difference between tackling it stressfully or happily — nothing.
  5. To be stress-free personally, I follow two ways :

A. Is there a problem? —

1. Yes — can you do something about it — yes. Then go do it. why worry.

1a — yes — can you do something about it — no. Then why worry. Let the course action happen and be at peace with it.

2. No — then why worry?

B. We all have taken the idea of mortality for granted, let me tell you we are all going to die one day. Life is very short, you only get 86400 seconds a day. You spend 28800 sleeping. Then is it worth to spend the rest of them stressed?

Over ten million people will not wake up if they sleep tonight. You did. Kudos, forget stress that’s a blessing.

At the core, we all need only a roof and bread to eat, then why are we making misery and stress out of all other needs.

All other things can be achieved via plan and action.

Life is too short to be lived stressfully.
Gratitude is the key to be stress-free, no matter what. It makes you happy with what you have rather than freaking out over something you don’t have.

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