The loud words.

As we all would’ve definitely come across this famous quote “you are what you speak”. People are a little less aware of what it actually means. Does it mean that if you’re polite, you are well mannered? Does it mean that if you are fluent, you are someone who is knowledgeable? Definitely, not.

Words are so deep and powerful. That is why most great orators were able to control humongous societies with just words. Words are definitely something important. Which you need to build a language, to communicate with right sense, convey your thoughts. Simplest words have a deep meaning or it may mean utterly nothing when it isn’t put in a right situation.

Somehow our education helped us to get hold of the words. But do we actually use it in a right way? I’ve stumbled upon a lot of people who has a good education, good thought, good life. They actually seem pretty normal outside. When I looked deep inside them, they are actually guilty about something, frustrated over themselves, trying to solve a puzzle with a lost piece. Am I wrong ? I don’t think so. They reckon with their problems because of the loud words they spoke. It can be intentional or unintentional but you definitely can’t take it back. There is a tone to converse and words to be used. Be it to your loved ones or people you care about. People are finding it hard when maintaining a relationship, holding onto friendship, building a rapport with people. It is because you don’t have control over your words. As I said the simplest words have a deep meaning. It can be positive or negative depending on the context. It forms a vicious cycle in a due course of time.

You hurt someone with loud words -> your ego holds you -> you think it was right even though it was wrong -> you regret for using it -> your ego holds you -> you get hurt by someone.

This continues… You always think you did the right thing and accept. You think your attitude shouldn’t be changed for anything. But is it worth it ? The more you hold on to your ego. It makes your thoughts rigid, it makes you rigid.

Your ego has costed you a lot. Do you still need that?

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