Fantastic Words And Where To Find Them

We are.. words. Every emotion we feel, and each thought that passes through our minds, remains undefined until they have been shaped and understood, in the form of words. And conversely, words decide emotions. Ever felt ‘angry’ when you were actually simply ‘annoyed’? Or settled for ‘happy’ when you were really ‘jubilant’?

Language exists so that you can be who you are, with more clarity.

On that note, here’s a list of words that I’ve come across over the past one year; Words with meanings that I would otherwise never have used, and thereby never expressed.

  1. Mahpiohanzia — Disappointment at being unable to fly.
  2. Onism — Frustration at being stuck in one body.
  3. Modus tollens(Latin) — When life doesn’t make sense. Literal translation is ‘the way that denies by denying’.
  4. Petrichor — Smell of mud after it rains.
  5. Vellichor — Wistfulness of used bookstores (and that lovely old book scent?)
  6. Kairosclerosis — Knowing that you are happy; and in trying to understand it, making it dissolve.
  7. Sonder — Realization that every random passersby is having a unique life of his own.
  8. Mal de coucou — Having an active social life but very few close friends
  9. Forelsket — Feeling of falling in love for the first time.
  10. Aristology — Art and science of cooking and dining.
  11. Ifferism — Aphorisms and quotes beginning with if.
  12. Phantasmagoria — Shifting series of illusions like a dream.
  13. Substition — Failure to believe in a fact. Opposite of superstition.
  14. Basorexia — Overwhelming desire to kiss.
  15. Drapetomania — Urge to run away.
  16. Cafuné (Brazilian Portuguese)— Running fingers through the hair of someone you love.
  17. Meraki(Greek) — Doing something with all your heart and soul.
  18. Toska(Russian) — A sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. A vague restlessness, a longing with nothing to long for. [exact translation not possible]
  19. Ennui — Boredom. A feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.
  20. Sillage — Scent or impression of someone after they’re gone.
  21. Litost(Czech) — A state of agony and torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery. [exact translation not possible]
  22. Alexithymia — Inability to describe emotions with words.
  23. Yuanfen(Chinese) — Binding force between two people of fate or destiny .
  24. Tartle(Scottish) — The act of hesitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name.
  25. Saudade(Portuguese) — Deep longing or nostalgia for something or someone that is lost or doesn’t exist.
  26. La douleur exquise(French) — Heart wrenching pain of wanting the love of someone unattainable.
  27. Koi no yokan(Japanese) — Sense on meeting for the first time that the two of you are going to fall in love.
  28. Torschlusspanik (German)— The fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages. (Literal meaning is gate-closing panic)
  29. Hiraeth(Welsh) — Homesick for a home you cannot return to. A nostalgia.
  30. Ya’ Aburnee (Arabic)— You bury me, because I can’t live without you.
  31. Fanaa (Hindi) — Destruction of self, for love.
  32. Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan language language of Tierra del Fueg) — Look shared by two people each wishing other would initiate something they both desire, but neither wants to begin.
  33. Atelophobia — Fear of imperfection or not being good enough.
  34. Sapiosexual — Sexually attracted to intelligence.
  35. Koinophobia — Fear of being ordinary.
  36. Thaasophobia — Fear of boredom.
  37. Smultronställe(Swedish) — Wild strawberry patch / underrated gem of a place with personal significance.
  38. Raqueeb (Hindi)— Another person who loves the one you love as much.
  39. Perspicuous — Easily expressed and understood.
  40. Pluviophile — Someone who loves rain, finds joy in rainy days.
  41. Solipsism — The idea that your soul alone is pure and concrete.
  42. Philocalist — Lover of beautiful things.
  43. Accismus — Pretending not to want something you truly do desire.
  44. Gnasche — The intense desire to bite deeply into the forearm of someone you love.
  45. Schadenfreude(German) — Feeling of pleasure derived by seeing another’s misfortune.
  46. L’appel du vide(French) —The instinctive urge to jump from high places. Literal meaning is ‘Call of the void’.
  47. Tsundoku(Japanese) — Leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up with other unread books.
  48. Kilig (Tagalog) — Feeling of butterflies in the stomach, typically when something romantic is taking place.
  49. Wabi-Sabi (Japanese) — Finding happiness within the imperfections of the world, and accepting the cycle of life and death.
  50. Jugaad (Hindi) — Ensuring that things happen with minimal resources, by hook or by crook.

This list is of course, by no means exhaustive, and shall probably forever remain, a work in progress. But I think I’ll stick to it.

I wonder if there’s a word for that.

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