In vivo CAR T-cell therapy is CRAZZZYY

It never really made sense to me that the only way to have a super-effective way to get rid of cancer was to have some sort of tradeoff.

Surgery is painful, and in some cases, can lead to the loss of some vital organs.

Chemotherapy tends to also harm healthy cells in a really bad way

And no, essential oils can’t cure cancer.

But in recent years, there has been a growing focus on immunotherapy, and all for the right reasons. If we have a tiny little military that was made to fight off disease, we might as well use it to advantage. …

People REALLY hate Cancer. I really think there is no need to explain why its terrible but a sufficient argument for literally anyone should just be “It sucks”.

The problem with that is in dire times of need and help, people resort to some craaaazzzzzy things, and in the world of oncology there is a lot of weird, dare I say QUIRKY things out there that have a loyal fan base. People who don’t trust traditional systems (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) of eradicating cancer, go to other options, and in some cases that can be good, and in others it can have no effect, or even potentially be harmful. Car-T cell therapy, for example, is one of those REALLY good alternatives, with minimal downside, and TONS of upside. …

It’s absolutely undisputed that CRISPR is kind of crazy! It has this sort of cult following, and for good reason, the potential for using CRISPR to solve some of the worlds biggest problems is immense, with applications from extending the durability of agriculture, to creating the “ideal” human type, every single day just seems like a new step for CRISPR. It’s all going so fast, but a place of interest that hasn’t changed much in a while, are the delivery systems for CRISPR, the way they get into the body!

As you probably know, CRISPR cas is a gene-editing tool that we can use to alter the makeup of our DNA and RNA, it’s one of the most talked about things in the field of genomics right now. When we talk about CRISPR, we are often just referring to mechanisms of action, how it works, but arguably the delivery method is just as important. …

A look into viral vectors, and retroviruses!

I feel like I’m always coughing and sick, it’s just this sort of lurking thing! At any point of time, I just feel like I’m kinda sick all the time; a little bit of sniffling, some headaches, but it’s never anything major, just something that happens, I have to deal with it! 😣

This is typically what’s known as a Rhinovirus, or the common cold! It’s the cause of many bad days, and why chicken noodle soup is still so popular!

There are three main types of viruses, these being the DNA virus, the RNA virus, and the Retrovirus (reverse transcribing virus)! …

The second leading cause of death in the world is thanks to a mutation. A mutation to one of our bodies’ most important genes.

Cancer has been the scourge of us humans for hundreds of thousands of years, but we are not unique, there are so many more species that struggle with the exact same thing. Considering that we’ve lived with cancer for such a long time, at some point in time we must’ve developed some sort of mechanism to combat it. …

Condominiums, skyscrapers, spires, and even monuments! Human society is inherently becoming more “city-centric” and to accommodate that buildings are getting taller, space is becoming more valuable, and communities are getting tighter. Suburbs are getting bigger, while cities are becoming denser, and that’s becoming more of a problem as we go further into the future. Densification is a pivotal route to societal, economic, and even environmental sustainability. Cities are the harbingers of this change.

Two weeks ago I moved into a relatively dense neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, compared to my previous suburban community, and my lifestyle has completely shifted since. Living in a dense neighbourhood means that you can walk, or take public transport to absolutely anywhere you need to go, I haven’t touched a car since I moved, and I can attest to that fact. I can reach a supermarket by walking for 3 minutes, I can get to school by taking the streetcar for 7 minutes, and I can get to the nearest park by biking for 5 minutes. Just yesterday there was a carnival, on my street! …

Siddhesh Mittra

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