Nakedness. What do you picture? A beautiful girl with bright eyes, slender body, firm breasts and perfect round bosom? Or a handsome guy with muscular body (if you are a girl :-p)? What if I paint a different picture?

Consider a person who knows everything about you. All of your secrets, your emotions. You celebrate with him your joys but also you open to him everytime you feel sad. You share every thought with that person the moment it comes to your mind. You share your views about a person or a thing. Just like when you are physically naked, he can see you whole - naked. You are naked for that person as he knows everything about you.

Is this good/bad? You don't want to be naked in front of everyone but you wish to be naked infront of your loved one. He doesn't have to be your partner. He can be your best friend, someone from family or your guru/teacher. He will understand you, can help you in your highs and lows. He can give you correct advice as he knows you completely. He may help you to find correct path in your life. May show you your mistakes you are doing unknowingly. He will help you to understand a situation in better way or from different viewpoint. You can count on him for help in difficult situation.

But at the same time if you're naked in front of a wrong person he can harm you, harm you mentally. That person knows your weaknesses. You are vulnerable to him. This hurting is much worse than physical harm. Physical wounds will get healed in few days but you never know when you will come out of mental hurting. He can manipulate you to take decision or behave in a certain way.

Is there any way to save yourself from this situation? Just like you take care not to be naked in front of just anyone, you have to be careful about person to whom you open up, share your secrets, thoughts. Don't just talk freely, openly to anyone who shows you sympathy. Take sometime to know that person. This time could be few weeks to few months depending on you and that person. At first, start with sharing little things. As you go on building the trust, open up little by little.

This journey from being stranger to someone to being naked in front of him can be joyous, adventurous. All the best to you for this journey and hope you find someone.

Picture courtesy: Don’t know exact source. Found it on Google images.