POST #6 Sticking with it.

I started my series of blog posts for two main reasons,

1/ to reflect, articulate and summarise my experiences per week as I try and create my startup.

2/ to form a habit, such that when (not if) my motivation fades, I’m still bound by the rules of one new blog post per week, thus spurring me into fear and action.

And lo & behold, here we are. In need of motivation, structure or just a stick. So here are some quick reflections.

Firstly thanks once to Oliver Mitchell who was the reason I started my blog posts (just copied his habit really). He also told me that “motivation fades, but habits don’t”… and my current feelings are a good proof of that.

Secondly, I know I just need to stick with this and I’ll be back on track. I happen to have randomly picked up the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and the second chapter talks about 10,000 hr rule. This is roughly the number of hours you need to be great at something. It’s quite an encouraging concept, because it talks about the stars across industries becoming superstars only after an inordinate amount of pain, sweat & practice. So using that as my golden rule, I will continue to accumulate hours thinking & working on my idea.

Thirdly & lastly, I’ll set myself two goals to accomplish in the coming week because I definitely suffer from ADD, and fall prey to procrastination traps easily. My two goals for this coming week are:

1/ find my first customer for my MVP.

2/ respond to chef applications, schedule meetings & create sample menus.

bonus work – play around with sharetribe, Shopify & come up with a more functional website. Try and be legit.

Here is a quick reminder to myself for this week: