Dropwizard Service to talk to Neo4J using JDBI

Dropwizard is one of the best framework of writing Micro-Services in Java.

Its very well maintained and with huge community support.

It uses :

Jetty for HTTP
Jersey for REST
Jackson for JSON
Metrics for metrics
JDBI for database interaction

When I tried searching sample code to talk to Neo4J. I did find Spring boot related code.

As I am addicted to Dropwizard I wrote a sample code base which has minimal interaction with Neo4J and you can further enhance this if you wish to do so.

Neo4J :

Its the most famous Graph database in the market.

Unfortunately they don’t provide cluster as community version.

So you have only one stand-alone node if you want to use community version.

For a quick start, check out the code from Github link mentioned below : https://github.com/sisingh/DropwizardNeo4j

Some enhancements I could think of :

a) Pagination support at query level

b) Session management in case you need to have two stand-alone servers and would like two-phase commit with community server to build your own cluster. ( If you need it, ask for it I can provide some code for that. Once that is mature I will post it there )