Recently. I went o a Tech4Good event held at Google Campus around the work done by social entrepreneurs.

AI seems to be on the rise this year (and the last!) with more and more companies asking ‘How can I use it?’. I found out the CEO of WeFarm doesn’t ask it, he’s nailed it. He already uses machine learning and natural language to use text messages sent out by rural farmers (they have no stable internet — shock, horror, I know!) and connect them with crowd-sourced answers from other farmers around the world in minutes. It was surprising how social enterprise is using technology as an enabler to break through the barriers better than many of our own clients do. And what really stuck to me was what one of the founders of JustGiving said — It’s not about technology, it’s about the need. All these start-ups were not using technology to attract business, to be talked about, to be known as innovators or anything like that. They just had a problem and realised tech is the best way to solve it. They had identified their core values — whether it was to help a certain group of people or whether it was to connect people — and then formed their ideas around that. Then the ideas could change, the tech could change, but their core values did not.