Don’t Work From Home…

….unless you’re really thick-skinned!

“Working from home” (WFH) really gets a bad rap, so bad, I had to type it in quote marks!

Have you ever noticed that when you say, “working from home” in conversation, some bright-spark will always do imaginary air-quote marks with their fingers, like everyone really needs to see their finger puppet capabilities?!

“If you work from home, try to work somewhere else, at LEAST one day a week.” Sidel Stewart

WFH is like the Marmite of the world of work; it’s loved or loathed. Bosses are either totally flexible and easy-going about it (especially if your workplace is agile, remote working friendly and work-life balance friendly), orrrrrr, they’re total Meanie Tweenies! There’s no in-between. The latter is ultra suspicious, and finds a reason to email you 4 minutes after your start time and 3 minutes before the end of your day, so they can monitor your whereabouts! It’s madness!

The irony is, anyone who’s ever regularly worked from home knows, that you’re at least 50% more productive and you do way more than you can ever get done in the office, what with 101 interruptions.

For the full-time self-employed amongst us, it’s super important that you exercise some self-care when WFH; take regular screen breaks, remember to hydrate and take a lunch break. Mix it up by using the phone to make calls rather than emailing all day and try to work in an alternative space at LEAST once a week.

Working from home continually, can be very isolating and stagnant — don’t get trapped in a rut; find a co-working space, visit a free open area or hit a coffee shop, the change in environment will keep you sane!


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