Sidera has been our dream, shared publicly for almost a year, it was a solution to bring the power of crypto revolution at your and our wrists. A vision, supported by a MVP, then viral and utopian but well anchored to reality.

After showcasing our SmartBit prototype on Bloomberg, Fox Business and Ion Television, it’s time for a sneak peak of Continuum: the exchange app that will soon become a must-have on your devices!

We are proud to announce that the devs are currently elaborating the data and algorithms required to reward masternode hosts, once the swap from Ethereum to our own blockchain is completed.

After leading Sidera to delivery, Camillo Piscitelli decided to leave the board, leaving his duties to Vincenzo Niglio, friend and co-founder, ICO Bench expert and head of Sidera Business Development.

Sidera is happy to announce two strides concerning the future of token economy and decentralization.

Cyber ​​Security Engineer and Ethical Hacker for the UN, Anubi’s profile speaks for itself.
One of the greatest characters in IT joins our team as an added value.

Within the Sidera team we boast the presence of an ICO Bench Expert, our co-founder Vincenzo Niglio, to whom we asked to explain what are the elements to consider when investing in an ICO.

Vincenzo is an ICO Bench expert, one of those who entered the world of cryptocurrencies when many still wondered what the blockchain was.

Sidera is happy to welcome a new partner: BOOSTO is a merging of two revolutionary movements: influencer marketing and decentralized applications.

We become prouder day by day: as you already know, Sidera will donate 1% of the funds raised to charitable organizations. And our Charity Partner, WWF, just launched its new project “Whales for Whales”, which aims to protect cetaceans in the Mediterranean water.

SIDERA Blockchain Technologies

SIDERA is the first technology based on decentralized wearable devices-simple to use. SIDERA - wearing the future.

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