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I have lived and worked in Cupertino for nearly 40 years, and have watched it change from a predominately white community to an Asian community. A lot of this article I do not agree with. In general, white people have not left Cupertino because of Asians have moved in. These Asians are very highly educated Asians, the same people we work with daily in Silicon Valley, so I think it is wrong to call it white flight. What has driven the “flight” is the home prices. When most people reach retirement age, they cash in their home and move using the money to fund a nice retirement. The other reason homes are sold here is “estate Sales”. White people do not generally move into Cupertino because the home prices are too high, but Asians are willing to pay the price to get their kids into Cupertino Schools. My two white kids were able to graduate from Monta Vista High, and get accepted to UC’s without doing any of those after school tutor programs. Most of their friends to this day are Asians, and their is not any inter racial problems to speak of at Cupertino Schools. Yes it is hard to become the Valedictorian at Monta Vista High, but guess what there are a lot of Average and below Average intelligence Asians going to those schools also. It is my belief that quite a few Asians would like their kids to go to predominately White school because they would rather their kids be the top student at a good white majority school, than to be a middle of the pack student at a majority Asian School, so consequently there is a rise in Asian Population at places like Pleasanton and San Ramon Schools.

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