iOS Animation RANT


TLDR: iOS 10 has no guide or structure with their animations, doesn’t meet Google Material Design’s level and is often mis-used.

iOS 10

First 30 seconds using iOS 10 almost gave me a seizure with the amount of animations they have added from the previous version 9.3.5. I check the message apps, write “hello” to a friend.

  1. The Chat bubble animates
  2. The Delivery status animates
  3. At that moment notification from animates from the top

SO MUCH SHIT is just moving around.

But it looks beautiful and I want to know these animation curves work. I go to the, and search “iOS 10 design guidelines”, I end up here

All I get is LOTS of jargon about animation and no structure for the operating system particularly.

I GET PISSED and Rant on Medium.

Thank you for reading this rant. Help me, guide me, I’m here to learn.