A planned strategy and model comes under organization development. It is not matter of surprise that the unit of analysis for OD practitioners is organization, which means that OD we focus on developing organization capability through alignment of structure, proper strategy, processes of management, team, and rewards and lose.

Organization Development is all about for the growth of organization and function of your team along with “How to make process better”

An organization is the planned co-ordination between the team working over there and also based on their achievements via hierarchy of authority and their responsibility.

It also includes the structure of organization, their support systems and practically working processes, leadership development, succession planning, talent acquisition, and talent engagement (including design of reward and recognition systems). The overall theory is that a unity of what the organization is and what it wishes to accomplish with that of the individual and his or her goals will propel the organization to greater levels of performance.

The very basic fundamental of OD is to diagnose the problem and take immediate action against it and again re-diagnose the issue and take new action and keep revising this cycle for better growth of the organization.

Organization development is an ongoing, systematic process of implementing effective organizational change. OD is known as both a field of science focused on understanding and managing organizational change and as a field of scientific study and inquiry. It is interdisciplinary in nature and draws on sociology, psychology, particularly industrial and organizational psychology, and theories of motivation, learning, and personality. Although behavioral science has provided the basic foundation for the study and practice of OD, new and emerging fields of study have made their presence felt.

by: Mr. Sidharath Tuli (Founder & CEO — People Sculptors)

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