Eduedge English Tutoring Techniques

English Tutor

Eduedge well n good techniques, activities and describe the project here and used with any student to instruct, practice and improve grammar, reading and English vocabulary.

Eduedge tutor basic strategies and activities for improving grammar.

Mr Edwin Cheng

Initial work of Tutor is to check the student writing skill by eligibility test, but there will be repetitive and continuous test series in the classroom throughout the semester. Sample writing is a good way to determine the weakness of students in different areas of English language. Many techniques are used during the session to enhance learning.

Eduedge best English Tutor explanation method: We give different activity in classroom to write a simple paragraph on any topic and share their views in the classroom with other students and to detect their faults and mistakes. Underline the grammatical and sentence formation errors in the paragraph. As it’s the best opportunity for them to modify and improve their areas without feeling hopeless or wrong in the classroom. It will buildup strong areas in the paragraph writing and encourage them to try the exercise again at home.

In our classes student feels better because teaching is done with practical analysis. They can apply the rule of tense, nouns, pronouns, active passive voice, and Direct and Indirect speech. Students can correct their grammatical mistake themselves.

Confidence building is done by proper lesson deliverance and by applying technical methodologies that are use to communicate with students. We spent most of time in helping our students to gain a good knowledge of English and try to use it correctly. Tutor analysis a lot of basic rule for grammar teaching techniques so that the student do not feel bore during the lesson.