Feedback: Week 1

I’ve found it’s easy to get feedback, but hard to filter and record it well. I’m going to try anyway. Here’s what I learned from asking my friends about Rotation over the first week:

First step, I sent a simple survey to eight close asking them few questions about my idea for Rotation. Of the eight, six said they’d be interested in a subscription shirts program and they were also open to wearing pre-worn shirts cleaned by organic dry cleaners.

Two-thirds of my friends preferred having more brands to choose from instead of more style selection. They said they’d pay $18 per shirt per month on average (which was nice because my expectation is we’ll charge less than $10 per shirt).


I also asked what brands they’d be most interested in. Bonobos was the clear preference, with Theory and Taylor Stitch as runners up. Interestingly, nobody requested Everlane, which has great branding and online marketing. Suggestions I listed were Bonobos, Brooks Brothers, Buck Mason, Everlane, Frank & Oak, J. Crew, Taylor Stitch, Theory, Todd Snyder, and Twillory. My personal favorite of these is Buck Mason, so I might include them too.

I was surprised how many of my friend voiced concerns about fit, because with Rotation you always have the freedom to change sizes and brands anytime. But apparently fit is important to everyone from the very beginning, so I’ll make sure to build a fit table explaining how each brand describes their general fit and style. For instance, Buck Mason describes their shirts as “Tailored in the right places, but not too slim. Fits true to size.”


My friend Dan thinks I should list all the specific benefits of becoming a rotation member somewhere, especially to help convince people who might be on the fence about the idea of wearing pre-worn shirts. Dan also mentioned he wanted to see some visual examples of what the future interface will look like.

My buddy Travis suggested using the slogan “Unlimited dress shirts delivered to your door for as little as $28 a month”, which I’ve added on top of the hero image on the website. He also really liked the “Our wardrobe becomes yours” slogan and wants me to keep using it.

My brother Ted really likes how we’ll be able to give the fresh rotation to our members at the same time we get the old shirts back, and wants that to be more prominent, but I’m holding back for now because I only know how to do that for Manhattan so far.

My friend Sheldon already got me to upgrade the shirt photos I was using, since the first ones I had weren’t hooking him enough, even though he loves the idea.

Finally, half of my friends have suggested we also include ties. I thought people might want pants next, or other tops, but guess my intuition here was off. Luckily ties are pretty easy, once it’s the right time.

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