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Dark Mode was introduced in iOS 13. It adds a darker theme to iOS and allows you to do the same for your app. It’s a great addition to give to your users so they can use your app in a darker design.

In this blog post, we are going to see how to add it in your react native app very quickly with React navigation v5 and Expo.

Create the expo app

if you dont have the expo-cli installed run this before:

npm install -g expo-cli

and then :

expo init

Adding navigation

Let’s install React navigation(latest version v5)

yarn add @react-navigation/native

We need to install a few more libraries for this to work. …

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This post was originally published in my blog

As a software developer, one of the best mediums you can use to market yourself is a blog. It’s my firm belief that every software developer who cares about their career should invest in creating a blog.

These words come from a book i am reading : Soft skills , the software developer’s life manual. I definitely recommend you this book if you want to know how to succeed in your career as a developer.

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Soft Skills

This book talk a lot about blogging and how it is important. Specially when you are a freelancer or consultant like me, you‘ll find that a successful blog can bring many clients your way instead of having to go find them by yourself. …

Note: This article was originally written in French by our guest blogger, Mohamed aly sidibe, who translated it to cross-post here. Thanks, Mohamed!

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Expo is an amazing tool which lets you create not only Android and iOS mobile applications but also web apps and progressive web applications (PWA) very easily from one single Javascript and React codebase 😍.

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In this article, we will explore all the steps from the creation of an Expo web project to its deployment on Netlify.

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If you’re new to Expo, I’ve made a series of videos about Expo available on Youtube.

How it works 🛠

Developing for the web is just like you‘re developing your Expo mobile app. You’ll use the same components (View, Text, etc.) that will be executed on the web. In addition, you have access to almost all the Expo SDK Features. …


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