Quest for freedom

Young men in my age can be divided into two groups. Those who are settled and those who are not (yet). Financially, I like to situate myself in the later.

I am thinking of what kind of job I want to get after graduate. I was thinking about a professional football player and it’s totally failed. A diplomat? Steered by the state. Now I still have freedom to decide. Tomorrow who knows, I will change. I will have a wife, kids, set up my own family, build a house. I should be prepared to have it all. Oh I think I should start to make a living.

Let us join the materialists. Nothing is more concrete than money. I mean, we are talking about how to make a living and to survive. I need money to feed my family, just like my family needs money to feed me. Sadly the world requires more than money. That’s the truth. As human beings we have “the self”. We were born naked, no credit card, no money. Now we need money after we know it as if it is just the way it is. We are humans who, by nature, constantly produce quest for freedom.

We want to be free to think what we want to think. To speak what we want to speak. Of course there are norms and laws that constrain our ability to realize our desired liberty. But at least, within our heart and mind we have a desire to feel free.

Oneday, I will get a job. When I get a job, I believe the quest for freedom will come to me again. It is good since it helps me ask fundamental questions such as “is it the job that in line with the nature of human being, that helps me to pursue my freedom?”

Professional football player? Forget it. Politician? full of constraints. So, I want to be a writer or anyone who can spend more time to write, rather than the other kind of works. Being a great writer is cool. But I am not interested in winning a nobel prize in literature. I want to write because it is the way I enjoy freedom. That is all.

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