Blue Sky Ideation

How Might We Separate wet/dirty clothes from the rest of our locker storage?

10 final re-sketched Ideas:

Idea Credits

1 Me

2 John

3 Tom

4 Me

5 Tom

6 Tom

7 Tyler

8 Matt

9 Tyler

10 Matt

Warm-up game:

For the warm-up we went on and played a couple games on John’s computer . We played games like raft wars, super mario, basketball aiming, Pax Con, etc. We played these games for around 10 min until I had to make the group go on with the session even though we all wanted to play some more.

Then we played a game I created. I asked everyone to come with different kind of foods and we would mix them the day of in a bowl and try to see how it tasted. The game was fun and I brought cereal, Tom brought cookies, Tyler brought fruit snacks, and Matt brought croutons LOL! . We mixed everything and we created a super food we liked.


For my session I chose 4 different people that I have not used for this class yet. John is a junior here at the U and has a locker in the rec center that he uses daily. Tom is a graduate students who goes to lifetime and uses there daily use lockers there. Tyler is a freshman here and he doesn’t use a locker but has owned one in the past. Matt works at a supermarket and he has a work locker and also has a gym locker at his gym facility. The session took place in my friends classroom after he was done with class in Bruinks hall. The session took about 50 with 40 minutes just for coming up with ideas and we came up with 128 ideas and our IPM was 0.58 which is lower than the expected IPM value of 1 but I believe the topic wasn’t as easy as the one we discussed in class and letting know before hand about the topic didn’t help in my opinion because they came with some great ideas that influenced them to come up with less further into the discussion.

Sorting And Voting:

Sorting and Voting was done at my place afterwards because we were disturbed during the session which took about 20 min.

First we made 4 diffrent symbols and attached them on top of the wall

Then we sorted out the ideas to the random categories

The Categories we ended up creating were Drying, Storage, Hanging, and Straining.

Individual Brainstrorming:

30 Ideas

How might we separate clean clothes from wet dirty clothes in our gym locker?

10/18 Blog outline due

10/19 Individual Idea Generation

10/20 Game warm-up

10/21 Session

10/22 Sorting and Voting

10/23 Top Ideas

10/24 Blog

10/25 Final Blog

10/26 Present