Black Women Have Nothing To Do With Your Desire To Date White Women

This narrative that weird black guys got no play from black girls sounds like some incel nonsense. Donald Glover dates a non-black woman because he wanted to. No one drove you to non-black women but you. What type of woman of any race wants a sorry ass man who is like “I chose you because I couldn’t get these other women”………..

As the weird black girl, I get it, it’s frustrating, but seriously……..STAHP with this narrative that black men date non-black women because of black women.

We are not the reasons for your problems or issues or your preferences. Anytime we talk about black men, black women are somehow the reason they do what they do…..why?

I and the black women delegation didn’t tell you who to date or marry or what to like!!!!!!!!

Nerd culture has gotten cool over the last few years and I get it. Those bitches weren’t home on Saturday nights watching Red Dwarf on PBS all alone. They weren’t watching Dr. Who (#4) on Sunday mornings. They all thought that mess was weird, but now it’s just mainstream cool and neat and it’s frustrating to see people take something you couldn’t share for years and then look at you crazy because now they embrace the thing they made fun of you for and try to test you on the shit you’ve been liking for years…..but you got to work out your feelings and quit blaming others for the inadequacies you felt. I’m still working out my feelings on this. You’re all a bunch of smegheads.

Let’s not also pretend that there is many a jackass who will overlook certain women because they don’t fit the mold of “attractive”. You want Laura Winslow but you don’t look at Myra until Myra has moved on.

Let’s be honest as a teen of the 1990s in Texas…….yall that are complaining were talking about light skinned, bright-eyed girls with long “good” hair and hunting them like they were Pokemon…….you didn’t probably like black women anyway unless they were “exotic” and many of us didn’t fit that aesthetic.

So quit making us your scapegoats. Date who you want and date them because you like them.